Harnessing up — Making a Worm Harness

August 6, 2002 at 6:55 pm Leave a comment

In response to a number of requests to explain how I make a single blade, 2 – hook worm harness, I have decided to devote an article to it. To try to make it understandable, I have attempted to use a set of drawings and verbal notes that hopefully leads one through the process of tying on the hooks, adding the beads and the blade.  

I start with a piece of 20 lb. Monofilament about 3 ft. long. I like to use a heavier poundage (15 – 20 lb.)because I fish close to the bottom and the harness stands up better to abuse. I also like to use #4 and #6 sized snelled hooks. 

1.  Insert one end of the line through the eye of the bottom #6 size hook. 

2.  Wrap part A (as shown) tightly around the shank of the hook 6 times. 


3.  Re-thread part B back up through the eye of the hook and pull tight.

4.  Add the top hook by threading the line up through the eye as shown  

 5.  Wrap part C tightly around the shank 6 times. Re-thread end D back up through the eye of the hook and pull tight (repeat of #2 and #3).

Trim off any excess line as shown in diagram #4 and your hooks are now attached. From here there are no rules and you can be as creative as you heart desires. I use bead sizes from 6mm to 10mm. These can be arranged in a variety of size patterns and colours.  
I use either a #3 Colorado or Indiana blade which is attached to the line using a “stirrup clevis”


 6.  The final bead above the blade is usually an 8mm size and thread the line through it twice to prevent it from slipping and in that way keep all the beads and the blade in place so that they don’t run up and down the line. 
Completed Worm Harness

Environmental Note: 

“ Make sure that your old and used line goes into the garbage and not onto the ground somewhere or into the lake.  Also please note that many sports stores will collect and recycle your old line.”


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